The Cooler Life Technology

Engine oil flows in the heart of your vehicle. Cooler Life is the pacemaker that ensures the flow of that oil. With this patented system you take care of your engine in all conditions. The Cooler Life technology protects the mechanical parts and keeps the oil pressure constant. In case of need the system activates the electromechanical pump and compensates for any variation in the lubrication flow.
The internal combustion of endothermic engines produces heat. It must always be checked so that the temperature of the various components does not exceed the set tolerance values. If this happens for any reason, structural deformations occur in the hottest parts, in such a way as to determine the seizure of the organs in some cases.
Aluminum alloys have a linear expansion coefficient of 0.023 mm for each mm of length and each Celsius degree of temperature increase. For example, a 70 mm diameter piston, working in a cylinder at an average temperature of about 250 ° C, has an expansion of about 4 mm.

All the Advantages

Take care of your engine and free your passion. Take advantage of all the benefits we can offer you. The range of Cooler Life systems satisfies every need.

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Avoid Engine Binding

Reduces maintenance costs

Improve efficiency and reduce consumption

Protect Turbine Engines from Overheating

Avoid Carbonium Residues in Turbine Engines

Protects the engine in case of cold starts

Supports the Motor during High Speed Maneuvers

Reduced Electric Consumption

Facilitates the Oil Change

It's an addon to the motor

Compensate for oil too much fluid

You can move it when you change cars

Approved by R.A.C.I. (Registro Ancetre Club Italia)

Balances the temperature in the cylinders of motorcycles

The myth of the 500 still lives on

In Fiat 500 F engines and derivatives, the cooling of the pistons is improved by the increase in the amount of oil sprayed by two nozzles, placed in an intermediate plate between the block and the sump, under the sky of the two pistons. In the old 500 F cars and in the subsequent air-cooled versions, the problem often arose also due to thermal variations in the environment. This gave rise to the idea of adding a 20 mm thick plate between the block and the oil pan. By means of two nozzles it pushed the oil against the lower part of the pistons sky, thus increasing their cooling. The plate was equipped with a non-return valve, thanks to which it was possible to prevent the oil from returning to the sump by stopping the engine. The diminished draft of the oil pump in the cup was compensated with the addition of about 700 grams of oil.
Then it was decided to evolve the plate, adding an electric pump with filter and pressure sensor that could be operated manually with the engine stopped by a button. During use if, for any reason, the oil pressure had dropped below 3 Atm, the same pump would be activated automatically.

Vintage Cars – Your Vintage Engine is a Fine Tool, protect it with Cooler Life

Vintage cars have fine engines that time has made them sensitive. Each component is irreplaceable in case of breakage. Thus the collector’s passion is limited by the need for continuous and costly maintenance. A constant lubricant bearing eliminates friction with Cooler Life. Stop the wear of time and your motor keeps its characteristics unaltered. Maintenance costs are lowered and your passion is finally free to express yourself.

Racing Cars – Experience World Racing in Safety

Daring curves and high-speed races put your engine to the test.There is always the risk of air bubbles in the oil coming out of a fast bend. An off-road race can create sudden changes in oil pressure. If this happens, the last connecting rod bushings tend to be deprived of normal lubrication, causing consequent overheating and often seizure occurs. Cooler Life is activated automatically and prevents any pressure variation.

Luxury Cars – Take advantage of the power of your Super Car

The top engines require constant care to maintain high performance. Through the pre-lubrication, Cooler Life guarantees the proper functioning of the engine which can therefore express all its power without damaging itself. The stabilized flow of engine oil protects the mechanical parts even in case of cold starts or overheating. You can free your passion and enjoy the journey.

Motorbike – Cooler Life for the Two Wheels

In all motorcycles, with air-cooled longitudinal two-cylinder engine, severe temperature variations can occur, about 20 ° of diffraction, due to adverse weather conditions. Normally the rear cylinder is always warmer than the front one. In both summer and winter, Cooler Life equalizes the temperature difference between the two cylinders. The device has been tested, with excellent results, on Ducati and Harley Davinson engines.

Service Vehicles – Taxis, Ambulances, TIRs and Coaches Live more and require less maintenance

Service vehicles are subjected to particularly heavy working conditions, therefore they are burdened by continuous wear and tear. Adverse agents and continuous use require constant maintenance. In cold starts the engine will wear out quickly, as well as in overheating for extreme use. Cooler Life protects and supports kinematics parts exposed to wear.

Operating machines – Tractors and Excavators more efficient

Cooler Life is also suitable for these types of machines, air-cooled, normally subject to rough terrain, with relative oil shaking. Slopes and valleys tire the engine, overheating it and, consequently, causing it to lose power and possible deformation of its organs.

Marine Engines – Offshore must always be impeccable

The marine engines operate in particularly critical conditions and must always guarantee maximum reliability. They remain still for long periods and must continually fight against saltiness. Despite this they must work flawlessly to always come back into port. The departures after long periods of inactivity, in the first start up, are at risk because the engine components are dry, including the turbine. It is a crucial moment for the lack of lubrication. Cooler Life solves these problems.

Technological Motors – Generators and Compressors more reliable

Cooler Life is wherever a reliable, high-performance engine is needed. This patented technology can also protect engines used for energy production or adapted for specific technological needs, normally exposed to the risk of cold starts where it is necessary to pre-lubricate.

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