Brian Ferrari – Racing and Bike

Passion Inside

Brian is the younger of the Ferrari brothers. The passion of his father William involves him soon. At first he observes the preparation of the racing cars. When it grows it helps in the repair of historical engines. With William’s guide he discovers all the secrets born from direct experience. In this way, he inherited his father’s profession and discovered his personal passion for two wheels. He starts as a child with the minicross bikes. In 2003 he took part in the minicross regional championship and then he finished twelfth in the Italian championship. Crescendo goes from minicross to racing cars prepared like the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 cc. Compete on Misano, Franciacorta, Lombardore and all the circuits of the North.Brian is fascinated by the power of Ducati bikes and the style of the Harley Davidson. Become a bike trainer and tester specialized in the sector. Accumulate hours of practice in the tests on the track and learns every detail Soon he decides to apply on the bikes the same technology that William uses to prepare racing engines. He uses his passion to push the technique to the limit and with precision he constantly improves the Cooler Life technology. He personally supervises and carries out tests on the bikes prepared to obtain the best performance from each component.

The Atelier of the Two-Wheeled Passion is born: Officina 4F

Brian’s passion gave birth to the 4F project. In this space Brian personally restores the vintage motorcycles and personalizes the latest models. Naturally, 4F offers all the conventional services of a repair workshop: coupons and revisions are carried out with the utmost skill. But the Atelier 4F can give you much more. If you want the speed you can turn your bike into a snappy Café Racer. Or you can live a thousand adventures giving your two wheels a Scramble trim. Enhances the passion by customizing saddlery and headlights. Make your experience unique with a handlebar tailored to your style. In addition to aesthetics, Brian takes care of the performance by installing special exhausts and specific instruments for racing. Even routine maintenance work can free up the power of your bike thanks to the use of highly technological materials such as aeronautical pipes. The work of Brian can enhance the characteristics of your two wheels making you discover a new way of living the road. Auxiliary contact pads and high performance tires allow you to experience a unique experience every time you get on the bike.