ferrari inventore

I’ve always been passionate about mechanics. I constantly study the best settings to give full power to the engine. I designed the Cooler Life device to give you maximum performance in all conditions. Today I continue to improve it constantly: one gram less or one millimeter more can make the difference when it comes to getting excellence from an engine.

William Ferrari

Appassionato ed Inventore
collaudatore ferrari

I’m supervisor and tester of the motorbikes department. Each test leads to improved performance. Through our laboratory we can discover the most precise adjustments to boost power and maintaining the full efficiency of the engines. Now I bring our brand to the international markets and I’m the spokesman of this Italian excellence in the world. I’m proud to represent technical innovation.

Brian Ferrari

Titolare e Collaudatore Bike
Douglas Ferrari collaudatore

My heart beats as a racing car engine. I spend my time making tests to maximaze the engines performance. The smallest detail is also important in the race: everything must be perfect to win. Thanks to Cooler Life we ​​can achieve ever more demanding goals. Win increasingly engaging challenges. Live more and more exciting adventures.

Douglas Ferrari

Collaudatore Auto Racing
ferrari collaudatore automobili

I care about historical collectible cars. They are precious pieces of motorization history and deserve the best care. Thanks to our Cooler Life project, I can revive these glories of the past. Engines stopped for decades come back to life and resist to the flow of time.

Malchiel Ferrari

Collaudatore Auto
Cosimo Guida Progettista motori

Together with William we have created the line of Cooler Life devices that enhances the performance of the engine. We have performed hundreds of tests on cars and motorcycles. We continue to advance technology by studying and testing new solutions. Every advantage obtained becomes immediately available for our most demanding customers.

Cosimo Guida

Avvocato Boggio della Famiglia Ferrari

I have been following this adventure since it began with William and the Ferrari brothers who worked on engines in a small garage. Always looking for new ways to enhance its performance and express all the power that those marvelous mecchines were capable of. Now I follow them in this continuous adventure that has led them to enjoy the deserved fruits of their skills.

Vittorio Boggi

Avvocato Studio Legale
commerciale cooler life

For years I have been collaborating with my friend William and with the Ferrari family to innovate the world of engines. I love the direct relationship we have both with enthusiasts and big houses in the automotive sector. The family nature of this activity allows us a direct relationship with all our fans. At each motorshow we share experiences and improve the technology obtaining excellent results.

Alessandro S. Sonnessa

Direttore Commerciale e Marketing